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Dream Whip

Time to rewrite aviation history – 1st Red Bull Flugtag Qatar – 1st November 2013

Red Bull Flugtag returns with a splash in 2013. Fearless men and women around the world will be launching themselves off a series of terrifyingly high platforms in self-constructed flying machines that range from the sensible to the what-on-earth-were-you-thinking?

Standard Chartered Bank Corporate Ad

Standard Chartered’s corporate ad has an interesting visual…could it have been more dramatic?

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Dan the Gardener gets topical

Dan the Gardener ads have been regular on Dubai’s free newspaper You might like it or hate it but it’s there…so do tell us what you think of them?

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Illume Light Bulbs – An ecological proposition

In these days of global environment deterioration, I think energy conservation in an y form is welcome. I hope these Illume bulbs live up to their stylish advertisements:

Dubai Lynx Awards – One of the Juror’s experience

10 April 2008
A million fakes and a couple of genuine winners

Dave King, Executive Creative Director at AIM Proximity Auckland, describes his time as a juror at the 2008 Dubai Lynx Awards.

A million fake watches, a bar full of dodgy women and some very nice ideas. Definitely not what I expected to find at this year’s Dubai Lynx advertising festival.

To be honest, when Terry Savage, Chairman of Cannes Lions asked me if I wanted to judge Cannes’ sister show, the Lynx Awards, I had to admit I’d never heard of ‘em. “The major show for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) mate. It’s a cracker!” he said. And after guaranteeing he’d show me a great time, I eagerly agreed. Thank God I did.

Judging international shows is always rewarding. As well as getting you thinking about what it is that differentiates really good work from great work, it also gets you debating the same with a bunch of world class creatives. And, I have to say, the interactive and direct panel I was on was one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of being with, not only while judging, but also while enjoying the many delights of Dubai. Being the perfect size, just 9 people, our panel debated and argued and discussed but always respected what the others had to say. More importantly, we were also able to be flexible and widen the goal posts when we needed to. Let me explain.

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Emirates Environmental Group & on Pro Bono work

I picked up a copy of ‘Signature’ – the Diners Club mag from the post office (a lot of magazines, newsletters, trade journals are discarded here)…I just pick up what interests me, being a bit of an info freak:)

Found some interesting environment conservation ads from the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG).

Back in 1998, when I had arrived in Dubai and was working in the advertising division of a company, we had paid a visit the EEG office in the Crown Plaza building on Shk. Zayed Road. We offered our services to Ms. Habiba Al Marashi , the founder and chairperson of the group. Quite a nice lady doing voluntary work. She told us how she had started and was quite impressed with our portfolio and asked us to drop by often and help out in the projects Those were their still growing I think they are a big organisation.

When applying for a job in the creative department of an ad agency, normally social service ads that you might have created (pro bono work) is not a yardstick by which your talent is measured. Your idea generating capabilities for actual products provide a better clue on whether you’ll make a good art director or copywriter. I think I read this in “Squeeze this, Mr. Whipple!”. Correct me if I’m wrong!

I won my first ad contest in school by directing a social advertisement “Change the World”, enacted to the background score of “Where Eagles Dare”…more about this in a separate post on my personal portfolio blog.

Teaser – Sawaeed Employment


Print Campaign – Barclays Bank

In an earlier post, I had mentioned how advertsing textbooks cite animals as attention catching devices…Barclays Bank follows the text-book route.