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TBWA/RAAD’s Pedigree Dog Food Ad

This situational ad was sent by Associate Creative Director Sakib of TBWA/RAAD, Dubai. Great work, guys! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! From his email: “…We just did this ad for our client Pedigree dog food. As you may know, it was just officially announced that the planet Pluto has lost it’s status […]

More Print ads and campaigns of Aug06

Today’s Quote – “…That is the first principle in making good ads: When you have something to say, say it……Say it simply, say it dramatically, and be completely single-minded about your claim. To quote an old advertising adage, repetition is reputation….” – Alastair Crompton, The Craft of Copywriting In this post, I am going to […]

UAE Advertising News

1) Advertising spend clocks $500m in first half of year –, 28/08/06 The UAE has maintained its position as the Gulf’s largest spender on advertising, with a total outlay of more than half a billion dollars in the first half of this year, compared with the same period of 2005, data released yesterday show. […]

Flyers and other BTL collateral – Aug06

Today’s Quote: “…A month before starting legendary Australian agency OMON, Simon Reynolds said that the two most popular words in his country’s advertising industry were “That’s nice”. “You show someone an okay job and you get ‘that’s nice’. Ten times a week I hear it, that’s nice. And in a funny way, That’s Nice says […]

Teasers and the like in UAE Print

1) BURGER KING – GN, Aug06 Burger King advertises their new seafood addition using the famous animation movie title “Finding Nemo” in a teaser ad- thanks to Woke for pointing that out in his blog post. It didn’t occur to me at all, though I had seen the movie in bits and pieces. The above […]

Some Ad Campaigns in print this week

1) Motorola Razr – KT, 18th and 19th Aug 06 – Update ET – 5th Sep 06 Heard from my Art Director compatriot that this was a much talked about campaign in the ad circles in the UAE. Stylish execution featuring locals and creatively highlighting the ‘slimness’ factor.It seems Campaign ME had written about it […]

Print Ad Watch – Gulf News and Khaleej Times – 16Aug06

This is my first post of the first batch of ads that I snapped yesterday from Gulf News and Khaleej Times. The following are the ads that seemingly had good art-direction or copy or an idea behind them or were just news worthy. Please feel free to add your comments, information and your take on […]