Dubai Bone and Joint Clinic Campaign

When I was a rookie writer (early 1994), a visiting swashbuckling lady creative director from HTA (India) told me that a headline should contain a benefit and an intrigue. In 2002, I read about ‘visual/headline twists’ in Jim Aitchison’s classic “Cutting Edge Advertising” and a good practice – ‘if there is twist in the visual, keep the headline straight’ and vice versa.

This campaign features a visual twist. You’ll be hearing a lot more of twisting in my blog posts from now on!

KT, 11 Sep 06

KT, 9 Sep 06

KT, 4 Sep 06

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  1. Interesting, these. Kinda reminds Prometheus of the GE Football ad on TV. That was awesome. These are the print equivalent of that.

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