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Interesting print ads

1) How SMBs become MNCs…isn’t that a wrong usage of the apostrophe in the headline or am I missing something…please leave a comment. 2) 3) Schon Properties – At last a property ad that talks to the common man and his accommodation problems 4) Bur Juman Mall Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Universal Studios Theme Park in Dubai!

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Downtown Jebel Ali – Print Campaign

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Credit Card Ads

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Ikea Print campaign

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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank "INsmallMENT" Print Ad

In a text book of advertising…I think it was “The Creative Connection – Advertising, Copywriting and Idea Visualization” which I had read when doing my Visual Communication degree, had outlined different categories of visuals that would trigger the first ‘A’ in AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)….Babies, Animals…(for the rest of the list you’ll have to get the book…my […]

Gulf News Print Campaign

I was wondering how the Gulf News ad campaign was going to extend its theme to a third ad and they’ve pulled it off…now waiting for the fourth, fifth and sixth :-). Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Commercial Heights – Tanmiyat Properties – Print Campaign

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Savana – Flavoured Mineral Water Print campaign

Hmm…at first glance I mistook this for a desginer wear ad…then I saw their tagline “The coolest water”. Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Interesting print ads for magazines

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