Using AI Tools as a freelancer

Last week I was working onsite with a client who wanted urgent writing help with a sales proposal. I quickly churned out the parts that required customer and industry insights. But she wanted to see more title options for the cover page. Since we were working on a tight deadline, I showed her the Open […]

Sunday Musings – Don’t lose the sense of wonder, the key to creativity

Seeing kids play Minecraft or Lego, watching them build and then creating stories around what they build, reminds me that our life itself is a series of stories that’ve been constructed around us and by us. We get so deeply intertwined in the stories that we forget the building blocks of our life. The constant […]

Dan the Gardener gets topical

Dan the Gardener ads have been regular on Dubai’s free newspaper You might like it or hate it but it’s there…so do tell us what you think of them? <br />

Dubai Lynx Awards – One of the Juror’s experience 10 April 2008A million fakes and a couple of genuine winners Dave King, Executive Creative Director at AIM Proximity Auckland, describes his time as a juror at the 2008 Dubai Lynx Awards. A million fake watches, a bar full of dodgy women and some very nice ideas. Definitely not what I expected to find […]

Emirates Environmental Group & on Pro Bono work

I picked up a copy of ‘Signature’ – the Diners Club mag from the post office (a lot of magazines, newsletters, trade journals are discarded here)…I just pick up what interests me, being a bit of an info freak:) Found some interesting environment conservation ads from the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG). Back in 1998, when […]

Print Campaign – Barclays Bank

In an earlier post, I had mentioned how advertsing textbooks cite animals as attention catching devices…Barclays Bank follows the text-book route. Our Other UAE Blogs: – –