Yousuf Fidali & Moustafa Fidali – Founders

Yousuf Fidali & Moustafa Fidali – Founders
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Yousuf Fidali - Expert at E-commerce Platforms & Marketplace Management. Moustafa Fidali - Commercial Manager at Burhani Group

Yousuf Fidali - As a certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, I am working with a wide range of clients who are looking to better understand themselves, their values and life purpose. From a place of greater awareness, they can then move their lives forward. Additionally, I consult and help many business startups. Creating and fostering relations - and giving back - is a cornerstone of conducting business today.

Moustafa Fidali -Responsible for Digital Printing work for leading companies across retail, trade show, event management, automobile and entertainment industries.

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