Print Campaign – Barclays Bank

In an earlier post, I had mentioned how advertsing textbooks cite animals as attention catching devices…Barclays Bank follows the text-book route. Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Print Campaign – HSBC Bank

Loans and stonesMay break my bonesBut your ads can’t hurt me! Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Credit Card Ads

Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank "INsmallMENT" Print Ad

In a text book of advertising…I think it was “The Creative Connection – Advertising, Copywriting and Idea Visualization” which I had read when doing my Visual Communication degree, had outlined different categories of visuals that would trigger the first ‘A’ in AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)….Babies, Animals…(for the rest of the list you’ll have to get the book…my […]

Arab Bank Print Campaign

Full Page ads. Usual corporatese…design/visual wise. Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Mashreq Bank – Corporate Print Campaign

Mashreq Bank tries the testimonial approach to bag more corporate business: Gulf News, 27 March 2007 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank – Credit Card Campaign

Credit Cards…these days you can’t live with or without them! Here’s ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) trying to tempt us with giveaways! 7 Days, 29 March 2007 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

The Ides of March!

Snapped some interesting ads this week of March. Lamcy Plaza, Emirates Today, 25/03/07, 7Days, 25/03/07 Bur Juman, 7Days, 25/03/07 HSBC Bank, Gulf News, 23/03/07 Air France, Gulf News, 25/03/07 Liberty Motors, Gulf News, 25/03/07 Jumeirah, Gulf News, 25/03/07 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –