More November print ads

Home Centre Kt, 14 Nov 06 Moschino McDonaldsKT-Weekend mag, 10 Nov 06 Emirates Post – Universal Postal Union Strategy ConferenceKT, 11 Nov 06 Dusit Dubai – My BarKT, 14 Nov 06 Rowena – Brush ActivKT-Weekend mag, 10 Nov 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Newlook Fashion Store – Teaser

The Partnership, Dubai gives a unique branding look to New Look. The teaser ad ran for weeks before the launch ad: 7Days, 25 Sep 06 KT, 21 Sep 06 7Days, 10 Sep 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Last of the August ads

1) Sharjah Municipality ‘Keep Sharjah Clean and Beautiful’ campaign KT, 31Aug06 Sharjah Municipality urges business to maintain safety standards as a part of its ‘Keep Sharjah Clean and Beautiful’ campaign. 2) Chevrolet – Popular American Gas Guzzlers KT, 31Aug06 Keeping it real? 3) Dubai Road Transport Authority Numberplate sale KT, 30Aug06 Roads & Transport Authority […]