Interesting print ads

1) How SMBs become MNCs…isn’t that a wrong usage of the apostrophe in the headline or am I missing something…please leave a comment. 2) 3) Schon Properties – At last a property ad that talks to the common man and his accommodation problems 4) Bur Juman Mall Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

More November print ads

Home Centre Kt, 14 Nov 06 Moschino McDonaldsKT-Weekend mag, 10 Nov 06 Emirates Post – Universal Postal Union Strategy ConferenceKT, 11 Nov 06 Dusit Dubai – My BarKT, 14 Nov 06 Rowena – Brush ActivKT-Weekend mag, 10 Nov 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Snickers – ‘Don’t Stop’ Print Campaign

Snickers Chocolate bars – the style of this campaign execution tells me it could be Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai…informed readers, please do clarify. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop this campaign theme further. 7Days, 21 Sep 06 7 Days, 19 Sep 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Prime Rib – Le Meridien

Found this ad in the Campaign ME Newsletter, the September 1st week issue. Our Other UAE Blogs: – –