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Print Campaign – TheOne Home Furnishing

Neo asked the Oracle, Am I TheOne?
Said the Oracle to Neo, Sorry son…
It can only be Thomas Lundgren.

There was much ado about TheOne’s challenge thrown to advertising agencies in the UAE to try and win its account (the CEO wanted the agencies to pitch him through a music video). The firebrand founder and CE(motional) Officer – Thomas Lundgren wanted something ‘out of this world’ and finally I think it was Lowe MENA that won). The ads appear in pairs weekly once:

TheOne Furniture Store – Misleading Advertising? – Disappointed customers

The One dhs10 sale leaves readers upset

In reference to your article on page 21 of Friday, I would also like to add that it was just an exaggeration as the items which were for dhs10 were only tiny little stuff like candles, table mats, etc. as compared to such a huge store which boasts of a professional boss. I too took time just to see if I can buy some stuff. It was such a shame as many people whom I saw at the store in Jumeriah were disappointed and were cursing at the car park after being disappointed by this fooling message.

If they say they are doing a sale, the items they are talking about going to be brought in the next couple of weeks should have been put into the sale already. Unless they want us to wait till almost the end of the sale? In which case they should change the dates advertised. I dont understand their logic! Any practical person’s clarification?


Mad Michelle, who barged into the front of the entrance of The One from her air-conditioned car, to stand by her husband who waited like the rest of us in the heat, you really made a show of yourself yesterday. The poor attendants helplessly gave in to your screeching as you climbed on top of your piece of furniture like a pirate claiming his spoils. I wondered if you even bothered to really see the look of confusion and terror in the one attendant you were aiming at, as I lost my own eye-candy while you got yours. So now I know, the next time I visit The One for their promotion, I’ll fling myself onto the furniture in a blind rage and never let go so to demand attention and eventual submission from the sales attendant who never looked at me once while my own prize was taken right from under me. Cheers!

Comfortably Numb

I don’t call nine dirhams off the deal of a decade

Re: The One’s sale. Most of the items which were on the dhs10 list were originally only just dhs19. Did anyone else notice that? Now, if you are calling that a “deal of the decade”, isn’t that an exaggeration?


September 1 – 5

1) ABC Business Pages

KT, 030906

2) Classic
– Bafco Furniture

7Days, 040906

3) More is not enough
– Sansa Multimedia player

7Days, 050906

4) Quad Bikes and Jet Skis banned?
– ENOC & EPPCO Supermarkets

ET, 050906

5) Official Directory of the Department of Health & Medical Services

KT, 050906

6) Fuji film gets on the Back to School promotion bandwagon

KT, 040906

7) Challenging the Norms – Dubai Investments

ET, 040906

8) Powering Manufacturing
– Dubai Industrial City

KT, 040906

9) The ‘We make it possible’ touch
– Dubai Bone and Joint Clinic

KT, 040906

10) Small Details?
– Daman National Health Insurance

KT, 040906

11) “Growing feet in safe hands”
– Clarks Footwear for kids

KT, 040906

12) Sheikha Manal’s Young Artist Award – New Signature Competition 2006

ET, 030906

13) Raffle of the Investment kind
National Bonds

ET, 030906

14) Adventurous Spirit – Toyota Fortuner

ET, 030906

15) First in the Middle East
– International Sports Science Congress at Doha, Qatar

ET, 030906

16) The new Bond advertising spiel begins
– Omega Watches

KT, 020906

17) To upgrade, just exchange!
– Fono Nokia Mobile Exchange offer

KT, 020906

18) The Banks are going to get you anyhow.
– ABN AMRO & the free Swiss watch deal

KT, 020906

19) Marketing is the name of the game – LG offers free microwave cooking lessons

KT, 010906
20) Horses need Tigers?Toyo Tyres – Al Futtaim Group