Dubai Bone and Joint Clinic Campaign

When I was a rookie writer (early 1994), a visiting swashbuckling lady creative director from HTA (India) told me that a headline should contain a benefit and an intrigue. In 2002, I read about ‘visual/headline twists’ in Jim Aitchison’s classic “Cutting Edge Advertising” and a good practice – ‘if there is twist in the visual, […]

September 1 – 5

1) ABC Business Pages KT, 030906 2) Classic– Bafco Furniture 7Days, 040906 3) More is not enough– Sansa Multimedia player 7Days, 050906 4) Quad Bikes and Jet Skis banned?– ENOC & EPPCO Supermarkets ET, 050906 5) Official Directory of the Department of Health & Medical Services KT, 050906 6) Fuji film gets on the Back […]