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Interesting ads from the Friday magazine

Friday mag, Gulf News, May 4 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Madinat Jumeirah & Mastercard

Interesting visual twist. Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Print Ad – DHL Courier

DHL continues its comparison theme and branding in all its ads. Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Virgin Atlantic celebrate 1st Birthday

Interesting visual pun! Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

More November print ads

Home Centre Kt, 14 Nov 06 Moschino McDonaldsKT-Weekend mag, 10 Nov 06 Emirates Post – Universal Postal Union Strategy ConferenceKT, 11 Nov 06 Dusit Dubai – My BarKT, 14 Nov 06 Rowena – Brush ActivKT-Weekend mag, 10 Nov 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Some interesting November ads

HITACHI Cyclone – Vacuum CleanerKT, 7 Nov 06 Dubai Racing ClubCME (Campaign Middle East), 5 Nov 06 The Dubai Desert Challenge Rally Championship7 Days, 2 Nov 06 Borders Bookshop7 Days, 5 Nov 06 Al Habtoor MotorsKT, 8 Nov 06 Aer Lingus – Irish Airways7 Days, 8 Nov 06 IKEAKT, 1 Nov 06 Our Other UAE […]

YOU DECIDE! – Dubai Traffic Safety – Print ad

Dubai Police cracks down on road trolls, speed demons and ‘death wish’ drivers. Way to go! ET, 8 Nov 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Upside down – do readers frown?

David Ogilvy on Advertising” contains section with a lot of donts on the use of twisted and upside down elements in an ad. Ogilvy frowned upon anything that would require a reader to do any additional task in trying to comprehend an ad. The ones below for example feature upside down visuals. The topsy-turvy visuals […]

Some visually interesting ads

HP Laserjet, Printer-Copier-Scanner GN, 1 OCt 06 Tefal – ‘Clean enough to store with your linen’KT-Weekend mag, 29 Sep 06 Nikai Microwave – Cook, Bake….lots more!KT-Weekend mag, 29 Sep 06 Taurus Epilator – ‘For ultra smooth skin’KT-Weekend mag, 29 Sep 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Heinz Ketchup – Print ad

ET, 27 Sep 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –