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The Ides of March!

Snapped some interesting ads this week of March.

Lamcy Plaza, Emirates Today, 25/03/07, 7Days, 25/03/07

Bur Juman, 7Days, 25/03/07

HSBC Bank, Gulf News, 23/03/07

Air France, Gulf News, 25/03/07

Liberty Motors, Gulf News, 25/03/07

Jumeirah, Gulf News, 25/03/07

Bur Juman Campaign – Food meets Fashion

Since I landed in Dubai in 1998, have always noticed the Bur Juman print campaigns for their ‘dream metaphor’ like imagery. Brand Bur Juman has faithfully followed this theme all these years, I guess Team Y&R are responsible for these campaigns. Woke had a post on the Bur Juman logo.

7Days, 20 Sep 06

KT, 20 Sep 06

KT, 14 Sep 06