India Properties – Teaser campaign

KT, 19 Sep 06 KT, 19 Sep 06 KT, 19 Sep 06 KT, 19 Sep 06 KT, 21 Sep 06 KT, 23 Sep 06 GN, 1 Oct 06 KT, 5 Oct 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

Newlook Fashion Store – Teaser

The Partnership, Dubai gives a unique branding look to New Look. The teaser ad ran for weeks before the launch ad: 7Days, 25 Sep 06 KT, 21 Sep 06 7Days, 10 Sep 06 Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

More Print ads and campaigns of Aug06

Today’s Quote – “…That is the first principle in making good ads: When you have something to say, say it……Say it simply, say it dramatically, and be completely single-minded about your claim. To quote an old advertising adage, repetition is reputation….” – Alastair Crompton, The Craft of Copywriting In this post, I am going to […]

Teasers and the like in UAE Print

1) BURGER KING – GN, Aug06 Burger King advertises their new seafood addition using the famous animation movie title “Finding Nemo” in a teaser ad- thanks to Woke for pointing that out in his blog post. It didn’t occur to me at all, though I had seen the movie in bits and pieces. The above […]