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UAE Advertising related posts in other blogs

1) Designer Woke has written excellent posts on the ‘The Best Corporate Logos in Dubai‘ and ‘Dubai’s Worst Corporate Logos‘. 2), a jordanian ad professional – Ibrahim Owais’ blog, has posted all the classic Bafco Furniture ads executed by Cannes Gold winning Dubai agency, Tonic. 3) Woke writes about the City of Arabia double […]

Some UAE advertising related posts on other UAE blogs

1) Prometheus‘s “The bestest commercial yet“ 2) Woke has analysed some brochures and DM pieces on his blog:a) Invitations b) Aldar’s Message in a bottlec) Jumeirah and Burj d) Kingsize Brochures and Glossy 3) Mirdiff Lite blogs about misleading advertising Our Other UAE Blogs: – –

UAE Advertising News

1) Advertising spend clocks $500m in first half of year –, 28/08/06 The UAE has maintained its position as the Gulf’s largest spender on advertising, with a total outlay of more than half a billion dollars in the first half of this year, compared with the same period of 2005, data released yesterday show. […]