UPDATE : 7Days, 10Sep06

ET, 7Sep06

KT, 6Sep06

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  1. “faster than you could say ‘Honey, I’m home'” or something like that may have worked better than “welcome”. Kinda leaves too many loose ends. And that “‘yes please’ to an upgrade” also takes the focus away from “faster than yes please” by putting words after the intended punch line. Wotsay?

    Prometheus the Fault Finder 😉

  2. Good ideas, Prometheus! The ‘Honey, I’m Home’ would have made it more warmer.

    I liked the idea of linking ‘faster than’ with things in the UAE like Shk. Zayed Road etc.

  3. Dunno if one could get away alive with it but Prometheus was toying with an adea (ad + idea) for Etisalat that goes like… “25 years of countering the phrase ‘Talk is Cheap’. Reach out to a VoIP-less world as we reach in to your wallet.”

  4. Fast impact ads, btw prometheus nice copy for etisalat … ETISALAT years of censorship … working to make the audience ignorant

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