Remy Francis (Creative Director/TV Producer/3D-Animator/Trainer) & Founder Rembrandz

Remy is a talented UAE-based freelancer. She has worked as a Creative Director, Author, Artist, Animator, Marketer etc.

You can learn more about her work on

“Tell us about your journey as an artist. How did it begin?”

It started as a lifelong hobby as a toddler-lifestyle. Then one contest led to another that the family encouraged me to take part in as a school kid to take part in inter-school, national and international contests that it became a part of my life even when I was studying in university in some other disciplines like Mathematics as precursor to being an engineer and business school. And then I realized before getting into a management job anywhere I knew I had to get to work from the lower ranks to understand how to one day manage any business and that would make me more empathetic to the team and circles / markets I work within. To work mostly with inclusivity and tolerance.

“What has been your experience in the UAE market?”

In 1999, I got introduced to the UAE market through the best employer one could wish for to understand the UAE market in the creatives and to stay close to government sentimentalities – ETISALAT.


“How is a typical business day as an artist like?”

“It starts with writing down my ideas for a lifestyle video or content for a story or picture book.”

“What are your other hobbies and interests?”

“(a.) World Economics and Politics (b.) Nutritional Studies and research paper reports. (c.) Art/Tech Software apps. (d.) Subject of Dogs :o)”

“What would your advice be for aspiring UAE entrepreneurs?”

“Be consistent with goals with focus and be prepared to define oneself to stand out every 3 months. As disruptions from technology and competition can get overwhelming, if one does not stay competitive with their acquired skill sets they can get run-over.”

“Do tell us about some of your favourite or interesting projects.”

“I enjoy making illustration and animation on technology / technical themes. And training videos.”

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