Samy – Creative Director/TV Producer/3D-Animator/Trainer & Founder, Dhrona Design Academy

Samy is a muti-faceted creative professional with extensive experience in the UAE market.
He currently works as a training consultant to institutes and also conducts design software and skills training courses through his Dhrona Design Academy.

He shares his astute experiences in the interview below and hopefully will inspire our fellow creatives

“Congratulations on the success of Dhrona Design Academy. Could you share some details about how you started in the UAE?”

I used to work as a director and promo producer at UAE Television, Ajman. However, when they closed the TV channel, I initially faced difficulty finding a job with companies citing me as overqualified.

Fortunately, I got an opportunity to teach Adobe InDesign at Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology. This software is essential for publishers, and my teaching expanded to include Adobe After Effects and other graphics software.

Having expertise in 3D modelling and animation from working on four animated English films in India, I started a career teaching 3D animation and modeling.

In the UAE, the demand for entertainment-based 3D cartoon character animation is picking up but the focus is primarily on architectural visualization for interior and building design.

To reach more students, I taught at various institutes like Zabeel, Cybermodo, and Optimizer. However, constant travel became cumbersome, so I decided to teach from a single location. That’s when I joined Rolla Academy in Bur Dubai.

With the arrival of the pandemic, conducting face-to-face classes became challenging, so I shifted to teaching online. This led to the establishment of Dhrona Design Academy, where I offer online courses in graphic software, 3D modeling, animation, video editing, and interior design.

The positive response from my previous students and others motivated me to pursue this path further.

“What has been your experience in the UAE market?”

“My experience has been very positive, especially with online classes. I always begin with a demo class, and every aspiring student who attends the demo ends up registering for the course. They complete the course successfully, and I provide them with a free certificate. If they wish to obtain a government-issued certificate, we apply to the Ministry of Education on their behalf, and within 7 working days, they receive the certificate. Additionally, I can arrange vendor certificates for specific software if students pass an online test with the vendor. This has resulted in a good response from students, especially those seeking job opportunities. To assist them further, I offer job placement assistance through HR workshop groups and business network connections. One unique aspect of my courses is that I record and share lesson videos with students. This way, they find the content more useful and feel comfortable with the learning process. Word of mouth spreads due to this user-friendly approach, resulting in a consistently positive response from students. “

“What is a typical business day like at Dhrona Design Academy?”

“The day begins at 9 o’clock with classes running for 2 hours each. Some classes are conducted in batches, while others are one-on-one sessions. During these classes, I record every session and provide the students with video lessons afterwards. Additionally, I offer industrial practice where students work on design projects to deliver to clients by the end of the course. Due to accommodating international students, some classes extend beyond the regular hours. For example, students from the UAE who are studying in London attend classes in the evening for subjects like animation and 2D animation. “

“What are your other hobbies and interests?”

“I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to attend Les Roches. The experience has had a profoundly positive impact on both my personal and professional development. Even today, I attribute much of my success in the industry to the valuable lessons imparted during my time there. Les Roches has proven to be one of my greatest assets.

The unique structure of our academic year, which combined practical and theoretical learning, allowed me to seamlessly blend both approaches and apply them directly to the industry. This dual-method approach has been instrumental in shaping my skill set and prepared me well for the challenges in my field.”

“What would your advice be for aspiring UAE entrepreneurs?”

“My suggestion for aspiring entrepreneurs is to conduct extensive market research to understand the demand and requirements. This step is crucial before starting or developing a business. By thoroughly understanding customer needs, you can modify your operations and delivery to meet their expectations and ensure customer satisfaction. At Dhrona Design Academy, many students come with the goal of finding a job. Some are told that completing specific courses will guarantee them employment, often in fields like graphic designing. When working with such students, I take the time to sit down, discuss their aspirations, and evaluate their learning abilities. It’s important to manage their expectations and clarify that a 24-hour course does not mean it can be completed in one day. Within a two-hour session, we cover a lot of information, including various techniques and software tools. There’s a need to allow time for practice and understanding before moving on to the next session. Typically, a 24-hour course would require around 12 days of online classes, not just one day. Ensuring complete clarity and explaining the process in detail to customers before starting classes is vital to avoid any issues. By following this approach, classes run smoothly, and customers are satisfied. It’s essential to address any concerns before starting the course. “
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