1) Motorola Razr – KT, 18th and 19th Aug 06 – Update ET – 5th Sep 06

Heard from my Art Director compatriot that this was a much talked about campaign in the ad circles in the UAE. Stylish execution featuring locals and creatively highlighting the ‘slimness’ factor.
It seems Campaign ME had written about it in one of their issues sometime back. I had been regularly noticing Mupis (outdoor backlit billboards on pavements) of the above ads in and around Dubai.

2) Diet Pepsi – KT-Weekend mag, 18th Aug 06

Diet Pepsi lifestyle ads targetted at women.

3) Khaleej Times Anti-Speeding Campaign – KT, 19-20 Aug 06

Khaleej Times publishes pro-bono work with due credits.

4) Tanmiyat – Living Legends – KT, 18-20 Aug06

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  1. Thought the Alladin one was a bit… incomplete. The SLVR was excellent. Wonderful use of ‘local’ imagery. Motorola’s other ads are pathetic. I have a feeling ads are ‘dumbed down’ for this part of the world.

  2. True prometheus…uae creatives are faced with the daunting task of creating ads for the lowest common denominator in uae’s multi-cultural society…quite a challenge…but still the best ideas are universal…mediocrity does exist.

  3. Though the art direction on all the ads were quite good, there was hardly any product differentiation considering all the real estate companies in Dubai are offering buildings with ‘historic’ architecture.

  4. True…Woke…as an Art Director yourself, you are the best person to judge (was visiting your blog and website)…excellent work…have to add you to our blogroll!

  5. I understand the LCD (lowest common denominator) factor, but I thought it applied only if you are pitching to the hoi polloi. The cultural diversity can be used to advantage too. Case in point being ads in India. Sure, they make mediocre ads there too, but one wouldn’t be hard pressed to recall a great ad. Hey, whoever said I’m qualified to talk about this. My creativity is limited to ‘It was a dark, stormy night…’.

    PS: Would you guys have the Honda ad (Cannes Gold Lion winner)? Someone should host it online. Used to be a downsampled flash movie.

  6. Hi Prometheus,

    Will try to get the Cannes Honda ad. Your opinions and observations are very important as ad creatives can and do get into the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’syndrome many a time…you can shake us back to reality :). Do you have a blog somewhere? If it’s a public one, do post your link here.

  7. Off topic:

    And ohh you guys are using blogger beta!(?) Coool. 😀 I noticed the AJAX format in your archives link.

  8. Hi Dani,

    Have read your blog before and was amazed at your writing skills for one so young…you could consider a career in advertising :).

    Yup…logged onto beta when samuraisam had posted about it on Uaecommunity. Only thing…can’t use the beta account to log into old blogger.

  9. You never cease to surprise, Mr Advaitin. Best wishes with this new venture and thanks for the link.

  10. Hi Farrukh,

    Thanks! The idea for this blog was a long due one and I finally drove myself to start it…looking forward to your valuable inputs on your blog.

  11. Have read your blog before and was amazed at your writing skills for one so young…you could consider a career in advertising :).

    Thanks. I actually thought of that before -advertising. And if you guys are looking for designers then deviant art is a good place to start. There are A LOT of UAEians artists there. 🙂

  12. Yes, your’s truly writes ‘Your Favorite No.1’ Blog at The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes. Y’all are cordially invited.

    Have found the Honda ad. Now to find a way to host it. It’s the dialup-friendly version, ergo the low-res but that ad, in whatever res is worth worshipping.

  13. Dani,

    Yup…have seen Woke’s art on Devian Art. 🙂


    “My creativity is limited to ‘It was a dark, stormy night…’.???!!

    The following comment ( left behind by a reader on your blog is a perfect testimonial to your blog-writing skills!

    “You are so funny that you should publish an advisory not to read this blog while eating or driving. Man, I almost fell of my chair!
    Surefire antidote for gloom!”


    Can you post the link for the Honda ad?

    I use to host and share my files. It’s a free service and allows 1 download at a time only but still quite useful.

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