Some Ad Campaigns in print this week

1) Motorola Razr – KT, 18th and 19th Aug 06 – Update ET – 5th Sep 06

Heard from my Art Director compatriot that this was a much talked about campaign in the ad circles in the UAE. Stylish execution featuring locals and creatively highlighting the ‘slimness’ factor.
It seems Campaign ME had written about it in one of their issues sometime back. I had been regularly noticing Mupis (outdoor backlit billboards on pavements) of the above ads in and around Dubai.

2) Diet Pepsi – KT-Weekend mag, 18th Aug 06

Diet Pepsi lifestyle ads targetted at women.

3) Khaleej Times Anti-Speeding Campaign – KT, 19-20 Aug 06

Khaleej Times publishes pro-bono work with due credits.

4) Tanmiyat – Living Legends – KT, 18-20 Aug06

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