Studio R

7Days, 24 Sep 06

Barclays Bank

7Days, 24 Sep 06

Sony Play Station – Godfather

KT, 21 Sep 06

Toyota Rav

KT, 18 Sep 06


Kt, 17 Sep 06

Bridgestone Tyres

KT, 10 Sep 06


7 Days, 10 Sep 06

Carrier Air Conditioners

GN, 9 Sep 06


Campaign ME, 4 Sep 06

The One

KT, 7 Sep 06

Home Centre

KT, 7 Sep 06

3 Responses

  1. PSP has The Godfather? Don Prometheus will make UAE Creatives an offer they can’t refuse. They buy him a PSP and he emblazon “UAE Creatives Rock” across his t-shirt.
    And he will also take those cotton balls out of his mouth.

  2. lol! Prometheus…UAE Creatives is waiting for PSP to come out with total virtual immersion gear for the VR version of Godfather…all just to watch Prometheus as the latin espousing version of Don Corleone – now that would be something!!! 😀

  3. ROFL! Don Prometheus imagines him spouting “Caro putridas es” (You’re dead meat) to his quarry. The Immersion Gear for VR has made him go funny in odd places.

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