Teasers and the like in UAE Print

1) BURGER KING – GN, Aug06

Burger King advertises their new seafood addition using the famous animation movie title “Finding Nemo” in a teaser ad- thanks to Woke for pointing that out in his blog post. It didn’t occur to me at all, though I had seen the movie in bits and pieces. The above ads were found in the Gulf News on subsequent pages.

2) SPINNEYS Market Day – 7DAYS, 20 & 21 Aug 06

Spinneys advertises their Market Day a day before hand with a smaller reminder ad.

3) A Proper Teaser – 20, 21, 22 Aug 06 (Final ad yet to appear)

The above 3 ads have been appearing consequently for 3 days now. What is it is anybody’s guess? Guesses anyone?

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